Dream Catcher Acres Arabians

My name is Cheryl Beltran

My love for horses started back when I was 13 and the purchase of my first Arabian horse. He was quite the horse and smart as a whip. I had grown up with horses all my life and when I got the opportunity to purchase this young 2 yr old gelding I was delighted. We had a rough first year together and he really didn’t want anything to do with me and was really naughty. I never gave up on him. I started working with him on ground maneuvers and learned that he really did love me, he just wanted to play so we made everything in to a game for him. We where now buddy’s. I decided to show him as he had very nice conformation and loved the attention people gave him. So after driving my first trainer crazy of course he was such a mommy’s boy, we where off to the shows. At his first show we get one second place and a first place. I was so proud of him and couldn’t wait to ride him some day. Well he is now 14 and the love of my life, fully finished in English and Western Pleasure and first level Dressage I wouldn't trade him for the world.



In 2003 my family purchased the family farm, so I could take my love for this breed a little further. I was introduced to the Straight Egyptian Arabian form a family friend and got the opportunity to purchase my first stallion and get a few good mares also. This is where SS SHEENAS PRINCE in 2004 and after long trip to Oklahoma to get him and the mares I was now the proud owner of a Straight, Blue List, Alkhamsa, Babson Egyptian stallion. He was breath taking as I drove up the mile long driveway and he was there in a front pen rearing on his hind legs as to say look at me, aren’t I the most beautiful Liver Chestnut stallion you have ever leaded eyes on, and he was. I couldn’t ever imagine in my life of owning such a wonderful horse like him. He is only 14.1 hands, but this Arabian isn't like any other that I have ever seen before. Large bone that has been breed out the breed and here he is, looking like a quarter horse with that bone and muscle, he was perfect. And his temperament was far from the other Arabians I had ever met so quiet and sweet. He is perfect and to this day he is the proud sire of several foals with amazing bone and temperaments that truly make him one of a kind.